Professor Gold has been on the faculty at Towson University since 2000. He teaches law and public policy. Guest speakers include local judges, prosecutors, rehabilitated criminals, and domestic violence experts. Professor Gold teaches in the Socratic Method and challenges his students to excel.

Every semester, Professor Gold has a student intern from Towson who assists him with investigation, research, and trial preparation. Interns accompany Professor Gold to court, and get hands-on legal experience.

Essential course documents and the syllabus are routinely placed on Blackboard. Sample syllabus here.

Professor Gold’s column in “The Towerlight” 
May 11th, 2008: Don’t turn down a breathalyzer test
May 5th, 2008: Avoiding sexual harrasment
April 16th, 2008: Understanding sexual consent
April 7th, 2008: How to avoid drug problems
March 13th, 2008: How to keep lawyers out of your life

Fun Stuff 
A scene from Professor Gold’s favorite lawyer movie, “The Castle”: