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Education Law – The Hearing Process At the Superintendant’s Designee Level

June 27, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Education Law

Once the school Principal has decided that a student should be suspended for more than 10 days, the matter must be referred to an administrator designated by the Superintendant of schools, hence the name Superintendant’s Designee. In Baltimore County there are usually a half dozen of these hearing officers who divide the county up geographically. […]

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Education Law: Expulsions, Suspensions, and Zero Tolerance

June 01, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Education Law

Baltimore County Public Schools are among the strictest in the state in terms of zero tolerance. The Baltimore Sun recently reported that zero tolerance policies grew out of events like the school shootings at Columbine. In my opinion, this is incorrect. Zero tolerance policies occurred much earlier in an attempt to address the racially disparate […]

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